Everybody’s got a thing

Dateline, 3rd day, RSA-SF. For several years, as I stroll the expo, I’m reminded of the Stevie Wonder lyric, “Everyboy’s got a thing, but some don’t know how to handle it”. At some point as I work the edges where the new stuff lives, I unconsciously start to sing to myself. 

So much hype, “solve enterprise security”, but often the actual offering is a point product.
There do seem to be a lot of entrants into the analytics space. Dozens. Security analytics seems to be very much in vogue this season. Analytics are all the rage. 

I’ve seen Analytics on every bit of data that you can collect in the security space, from the darknet, through the corp network, and from endpoint devices. Data, we got it and we’re munging the data for any leverage possible.
Analytics are the new orange.