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Brook Schoenfield will never name any of his employers here. The purpose of this tactic is to provide a firm barrier allowing Brook to express ideas independently of any organizational affiliation. BrookSchoenfield.com must be clearly separated from any paid comment.

A simple Google search for “Brook Schoenfield” will return publications and other associated links where “2+2” has probably got to equal “4”. However, in order for this particular set of opinions to remain clearly, solely, and only Brook’s, and to eliminate any conflicts of interest, Brook’s employers will be treated equally with all other enterprises that Brook may or may not name.

Further, since Brook has participated and spoken at many public conferences and events, associations between Brook and other people and organizations may be inferred. Still, these pages remain the responsibility of Brook Schoenfield alone.

As need arises, Brook may name various associates in the Information Security field. Because these pages are public, any such cite will always be done with permission. Public entities such as governments and corporations will receive no such consideration here.

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