About BrookSchoenfield.com

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In this forum, you’ll read my ruminations on the computer security industry, in which I work.

I’ll share anecdotes, strategies, technical directions. Perhaps through your comments, you’ll point me in a better direction? Alternatively, your practice may be shifted for the better from something that I’ve been working through? Let me know what you think.

My Security Work

Currently, I’m a Principal Engineer and the Master Architect for product security architecture. I provide strategic technical leadership for software security at a major technology company.

My Areas of special Interest in Information Security: 

  • Developer-centric software security
  • Architecture Risk Assessment & threat models
  • The Practice of Security Architecture as a discipline (always!)
  • Web 2.0 Security
  • Social Networking Security
  • Collaboration Technologies Security
  • Application Security
  • Application Servers
  • Building Security into Web Infrastructures
  • Security Assurance and testing
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Trust Models
  • Risk Modeling

Standard disclaimer applies in this blog. I speak for my self and no one else.

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